College of Engineering
Vision :
The College of Engineering at Uruk University aims to be an engineering institution that excels interdisciplinary engineering education, The objective is to produce self- motivated engineers in their fields and having a wide spectrum of engineering knowledge. The college will provide the students with high-quality and up-to-date curricula. Such curricula will ensure a successful enrollment of graduates in the professional fields of practice.
Mission :
All students to be admitted to this college should pass successfully the examination of the secondary schools. Awarding the B.Sc. in this college is based on completing a four years study.
The main mission of the engineering college at Uruk University is to provide a scientific and social environment to develop the intellectual capacity , good engineering thinking, creativity and problem solving ability of the students before and after graduation. The up-to-date courses in all departments of this college are selected to produce creative engineers who can solve a challenging engineering problems in their fields of practice after graduation.


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